Amateur observatory "Hipparchus"



The amateur observatory "Hipparchus" of Rhodes,  gives the opportunity to visitors of all ages to experience an unforgettable tour of the beautiful sky of Rhodes. Which small child, or adult hasn't got the  curiosity to observe with a telescope the moon and planets? The amateur observatory Hipparchus of Rhodes focuses on observation of the moon, planets and sun. Inside our two domes one 2.5 meters and one 4  meters diameter   you  will experience, in the evening a memorable journey into the starry sky of Rhodes. During the day visitors can make equally interesting solar observations in a specially designed area for solar observation. The experience of observing the sun through special solar telescopes will leave you amazed.  Our Solar telescopes are equipped with protective radiation filters IR / UV cut. We are equipped with a  high resolution spectrograph  for those interested in more sophisticated analyzes of sunlight. You will observe the  solar spectrum dotted by hundreds of Fraunhofer absorption lines in the background of the magic colours of the iris (the rainbow!)

Measurements made in the region, on the quality of the night starry sky,
showed values ​​in 19,5 - 20 magnitude.

Welcome to amateur observatory  of Rhodes  ¨ Hipparchus¨
live the  experience of observational astronomy.

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