"A memorable experience"

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Spend your vacation differently than other times!
At  island of the sun
Rhodes, you are given the opportunity to spend your holidays in a special part of the island, with panoramic views to the sea and overlooking the natural bay of the famous beach of Ladiko (Anthony Quinn) and the rock of of Lindos acropolis .

Our idea is astrotourism.

The scenic location that the Hipparchus observatory complex is housed, offers at its guests the privilege of tranquility close to nature and breathtaking scenery. Priority for  our guests is relaxation.

The guest has the opportunity to live an experience of 
observational Astronomy with  our instruments of  "Hipparchus" observatory, observing the sun, moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies, and many other astronomical objects of the starry sky. Made with care in our star-garden  the guest can observe uranography, even  find out how  a live sundial works and see a static geographical compass orientation.

Welcome! Stergos Manolakas
(Member of the "Astronomy & Space organization" of Volos -Greece)

RHODES - "Sun, Beaches, Culture & Night Sky"



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